About Wosol

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Who we are

Founded in December 2011, is a Saudi Arabian company that specializes in providing premier, customized lifestyle management & concierge services to an exclusive, select membership.

Wosol Concierge offers a plethora of unique services that adequately and impeccably suit our clients’ varied and unique demands.

Utilizing our extensive management experience and international networks ensures our clients peace of mind and utmost comfort.

Since our inception, Wosol Concierge has been committed to providing clients with your matched service and world-class access to life’s most exclusive treasures.


Be a lifestyle management leader and luxury concierge company providing an outstanding and exceptional servicing solutions with impeccable quality of services and heartfelt experience for a selected and elite clientele in Saudi Arabia gaining their trustworthiness and loyalty.


Build a solid brand presence in the luxury concierge market and deliver exceptional experience to every guest every time & everywhere.


  • Luxury: Providing outstanding products and services.
  • Accuracy: Conformity of a high standard of service lines.
  • Commitment: True commitment to distinctive quality.
  • Credibility: Be credited by our clientele trustworthiness.
  • Excellence: To continuously improve our standards and process so excellence becomes a natural consequence of work.
  • Success: Achieving and accomplishing our objectives and our mission.