Top 3 Resorts of Al Ula Saudi | Special Tourism

Al ula
Al ula

Top 3 Resorts of Al Ula Saudi | Special Tourism

Al ula tourism is unique! Such a heritage ancient city, can’t be forgotten. You will enjoy discovering each part of its outstanding places, and taking wonderful tours in its several destinations.

Al ula Saudi

Alula Saudi Arabia Development

Alula city was born for more than 200 thousand years B.C. It has been a rich city of original Arabic heritage and amazing scenes of Arabic nature. Because Saudi Arabia’s government is seeking to enhance all strengths of the country, they didn’t forget Alula, as it has so many attractions.

Important information about Al Ula

The geographic location of Alula has a great effect on its importance, as Alula located in the north of Saudi Arabia, led by the government of Al Madinah Al Munawara, it is also located between two important mountains, which surround it from the East and the West. These factors made Alula city very attractive and important.

How to reach Alula Saudi Arabia

Wosol will help you reach any place, and don’t forget Wosol luxury chauffeur service that helps you arrive at your destination in a very luxurious mode. You can reach Alula by different methods, we will tell you about them:

  • Going through the route of Al Madinah Alula, passing through both Khyber and Tabuk.
  • Going through the route of Alula Al Madinah and passing through Shagwa.

Distances between Al ula and some cities

  • The distance between Al ula and Almadinah Almunawarah is approximately 300 kilometers.
  • The distance between Alula and Neom is approximately 454 kilometers.
  • The distance between Alula and Jeddah is approximately 682.2 kilometers.

Why is it called Alula?

There are two freshwater springs in Alula called Al Moalaq and Tadal, there are tall palm trees at Al Moalaq, which are called Al Alii, So Alula is called this because of this reason.

Why is Al ula so important?

There are many reasons that affect the importance of Alula city, such as:

  1. If you appreciate the importance of Arabic language, you will appreciate the importance of Alula, as Alula city has so many Arabic inscriptions, which reflects the Arabic heritage of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Alula has very fertile land, which has great agricultural properties.
  3. Has two fresh water springs, called Al Moalaq and Tadal.
  4. Has a special valley which consists of beautiful green oases, in addition to the big sandy rock mountains, which you will be very happy to see.
  5. There are ancient inscriptions dated for the Dadaani and Lihyan civilization.
  6. It is an original home for so many ancient historical and archaeological locations.

The Historical value of Alula Saudi city

The Historical value of Al ula has been enhanced by many factors, such as: human heritage, natural look of Alula that outstand its beauty and charm, and also undiscovered human landmarks. All these factors have a significant effect on the value of Alula, So Alula is classified as the first Arabic heritage location for the UNESCO around the world. Alula Saudi Arabia has great attractive sources, it has an amazing collection of luxurious resorts, several touristic destinations, and many exciting activities to do there. Wosol concierge will tell you about the top resorts, destinations and activities, to have a special journey there.

Top resorts in Al ula

Alula has high quality resorts, which fit your special taste, we will tell you about the top 3 resorts of them..

Habitas alula resort

Habitas alula is one of the best luxurious resorts in Alula, it is very unique and high, it has so many attraction points, so it has an excellent reputation. In this amazing resort, you will have a different chance to relate with nature, and to enjoy meditation in this relaxing atmosphere. And now, we will mention some advantages and activities in Habitas alula resort to put into consideration:

  • Habitas resort has a unique collection of villas, which you definitely will adore. These luxury villas merge between the Arabic heritage and the modern luxurious pattern.
  • It also has special rooms with different arabian patterns, you definitely didn’t see before.
  • Habitas alula also has a collection of luxurious restaurants that have a variety of great dishes.
  • The resort also has wellness services to have a unique medical experience and a healthy lifestyle. You will participate in Yoga classes and relaxing activities.
  • Habitas alula resort supports art and provides special music parties.

We can’t mention all the activities and attraction points of this resort, so you have to go there to see by yourself.

Banyan tree al ula resort

Banyan tree alula was developed by the Royal Commission of Alula to meet luxury tourism specifications. They made great efforts to convert the resort to an amazing place which attracts a large number of tourists. Wosol will give you the top advantages in Banyan tree alula resort:

  • Unique collection of luxurious villas, with arabian pattern mixed with modern facilities.
  • Providing special shows by specialists of the Banyan tree brand.
  • Enjoy relaxation and meditation in the open air there.
  • Discovering tours to enhance your experience and taste a special kind of adventure.

Shaden resort al ula

Shaden Alula is one of the most beautiful resorts in Alula, it is a perfect example of the best accommodations there. If you want to enjoy every minute there, contact Wosol to guide you to all the services you want. Now, we will know all the advantages of Shaden resort:

  • There is a unique swimming pool with clear and pure water to swim in safely.
  • It has a luxury restaurant with special dishes.
  • The resort has a mixed hall, with free Wi-fi service.
  • Rooms have all essential resources and equipments for luxury and comfortable living.

Exciting activities of Al ula

Alula tourism will has additional value by doing these exciting activities:

Old town tour

An ancient neighborhood which is called old town or old deira in the center of alula, it is a very unique and memorable place, it is located near the airport and Mada’in Saleh. This beautiful town has a special effect on the one self, you will enjoy discovering each part of it.

Hegra tour

This is another amazing place in Alula city, it is full of natural scenes and heritage landmarks. It has many special destinations, such as Al Hejaz railway station, The mud houses of fajeer and Albanat mountain.

Dadan and Jabal Ikmah tour

Do you want to see the signature of the Historical lihyan civilization? So you should take this special tour to enhance your experience and culture. You will also enjoy seeing the Ikmah mountain and taking memorable photos.

Hiking and rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most famous activities in Alula city, you should enjoy this experience there and have a special time. There are two high rocks from granite, their height is 16-18 meters.

Helicopter tour

Wosol provides everything special and unique, so if you go to Alula, you won’t enjoy discovering the land only, you will also see the greatness of the sky, through a luxurious helicopter tour.
Wosol is your assistant to reach all the concierge luxurious services around the world, so if you want to get any service in Alula, contact Wosol to arrange everything for you.

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