Wosol Concierge| luxury Concierge services

Concierge services

Wosol Concierge| luxury Concierge services

A concierge service is an exclusive service for the ultra-wealthy. It provides you with the ability to access a wide range of services that are usually reserved for celebrities and high-net-worth individuals. These services include anything from booking tickets to concerts, private jets, luxury hotels, and more!

Wosol concierge services

concierge services

Wosol offers concierge services for individuals and corporations. We create a bespoke travel experience tailored to your needs. From VIP services and gourmet dining to private jets, Wosol offers the ultimate luxury.

Imagine having a fully trained executive assistant who plans, prepares, and executes your travel and event arrangements. We are a firm of expert travel concierges with an exceptional eye for detail.

Types of concierge services

  • Travel concierge
  • Hotel concierge
  • Medicine concierge
  • Lifestyle concierge
  • Shopping concierge

Wosol offers some of them at the luxury level, so we will mention briefly the types of services that Wosol offers…

Travel concierge service

One of the most important things for our customers is travel because it is a part of their lifestyle. Wosol offers concierge services in this field and helps to organize trips around the world.

We offer you a full travel concierge service, from planning your trip to booking the best deals for you. We work with top-notch airlines and hotels that provide you with the best experience in terms of comfort, luxury, and service. You can choose from a wide range of destinations that suit all tastes and styles.

Hotel concierge services

A hotel concierge service is to manage your stay at a hotel or whatever your accommodation is and ensure that you have everything you need during your visit. 

Lifestyle concierge service 

A lifestyle concierge offers services such as shopping, dining, and entertainment advice to people who want guidance on how to live their lives better.

Luxury concierge services of Wosol

Wosol provide both persons and corporations with a wide range of luxury concierge services to cover all possible needs, and in the following paragraphs, we will discuss all these services… 

Personal concierge services

Wosol provides persons with concierge services in many different fields, to ensure that it covers all their needs, they focus on the luxury level in all their services, in the following paragraphs we will discuss brief information about each service… 

Destination management services

Under the title of luxury tourism, Wosol manages the whole process from the tourist’s country to his destination. Managing destinations by Wosol is unique, as they don’t only provide all travel services, but also they provide these services at a very high and special level, to fit VIP persons. Destination management with Wosol concierge includes many concierge services and destinations, such as: 

  • Domestic tourism
  • International tourism
  • Honeymoon tourism
  • Private aviation 
  • Sea cruises 
  • Luxury private yachts
  • 7-star hotels
  • Private homes, and villas

Personal assistant services

This department is provided by Wosol, to give their clients a specific and unique experience through their personal assistant in several fields, such as: 

  • Personal shopping
  • Gifts and flowers arrangements
  • VIP restaurants reservations
  • Tourist guides and translators

Entertainment and events

This section is for every person interested in luxury events around the world. If you want to attend a luxury music festival or any other event, specific or general, Wosol can give you VIP access to any event. And the following are examples of these entertaining services: 

  • VIP event access
  • Exclusive music festivals
  • Popular sports events
  • Popular winter sports

Luxury chauffeur services

  • Car services are very essential in any travel, as you need a transportation method in any destination, and when we talk about luxury tourism and concierge services, we definitely will talk about luxury car services and VIP reservations, and Wosol provides you the following services under this section: 
  • VIP car rental services
  • Hoteliers and Hospitality 

Fine catering

Concierge services - fine catering
Specially made for you.

Many clients need catering service for several purposes, such as weddings, graduation parties, or any private event. Wosol offers fine catering services for all these events whether they are on the land or yachts.

Health and wellness

When we come to this section, it is not only about healthy lifestyle services, but also concierge medical tourism, we call it Wosol wellness! We have a unique program for Wosol wellness, as we offer two awesome luxury healthy lifestyle services: 

  • Health and wellness tourism
  • Beauty salons and Spa 

Corporate concierge services

Our exceptional luxury services are offered to both persons and corporates. We talked about personal concierge, and now we will discuss corporate concierge as well. 

Business travel arrangement

concierge services for corporates

Corporate concierge can offer various business travel services – from arranging flights and accommodations to providing local guidance for your meetings abroad. We will mention some luxury services provided by Wosol in this field:

  • Plan your next business trip
  • Book your flights and hotels
  • Find appropriate transportation options
  • Make restaurant reservations
  • Arrange tours and excursions

Professional administrative assistant 

Every business needs governmental or nongovernmental transactions, and we are here to help! Our professional assistants have all of the necessary skills and experience to help you streamline your business operations. Wosol can provide you with the following services:

  • Finishing any governmental or nongovernmental transactions, queries, or claims which you probably have. 
  • Assisting in doing any important paperwork successfully.

Professional Meeting setup service

Our meeting setup service offers quick and reliable assistance for all of your event coordination needs. We can set up events of any size – from small business meetings to large conferences. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the success of your event by offering a range of professional planning and support services. Contact us today to learn more!

Conference management

Wosol provides a full suite of conference management services including venue selection, program development, and planning, providing your speakers, technical staff, marketing support, and onsite administration. Our unique approach ensures that every conference we handle is tailored to the client’s unique needs and objectives.

Exhibitions Participants and Hosting

As we appreciate events, and treat every event as our own event, we go beside you in your project from start to finish, we are interested in understanding it well, to ensure that everything will be ok. In Wosol, we provide a full unique service of exhibition and hosting, and if you want to get a wealthy experience, you should contact us. 

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