Top 5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations 2023

Top 5 Unique Honeymoon Destinations 2023

Couple on a honeymoon trip

Honeymoon is a private time for couples to enjoy their first days of their marriage. Every couple searches for a destination for their honeymoon where they can enjoy, feel love, and spend special days together. Wosol cares about you and your partner, and provides the best destinations for honeymoon to choose from.


Honeymoon in Maldives
Couple on a tropical beach in the Maldives

Maldives is one of the most luxurious honeymoon destinations in the world, and is famous for her beauty and attractive nature. So many couples prefer to spend their honeymoon in Maldives, because its romantic atmosphere, and is rich in all happiness factors. Now, I’ll mention some activities which you have to do in Maldives.

Swimming with whale shark peacefully

Swimming with whale shark
Diver swimming with Whale shark, underwater view

When we hear the name of “sharks”, we remember those movies, where we see the shark attacking people, and these horrible scenes, but don’t be afraid, you will swim with well-trained swimmers and peacefully beside these beautiful whale sharks.

Diving in one of the most beautiful seas in the world

Diving in Maldives

Imagine that you are diving with your partner in such clear water with amazing sea creatures. What a wonderful idea! It will be a memorable moment, which you will never forget.

Sailing in the charming sea of Maldives

Sailing in Maldives

Maldives is considered as one of the top honeymoon destinations because of its wonderful sea, where you can enjoy sailing with your beloved one. Wosol provides the best sea Cruises by cooperating with the best suppliers, you just need to contact us to get the perfect tour.

Have a romantic dinner in the most luxurious restaurants

Romantic dinner in a luxury restaurant

Wosol will give you a list of the most luxurious restaurants near your destination, to live a romantic moment beside the luxury food and the high quality service. With Wosol, you are treated as a VIP all the time.

Sparkling honeymoon beach in Vaadhoo island

One of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the world is Vaadhoo island beach, which reflects the glare of sea creatures there in a charming way, the sea looks like it has stars inside. You can eat your dinner with your partner in this romantic view.

Submarine riding

What an exceptional experience to ride a submarine in Maldives with your partner! How amazing it is! And what about taking photos with your partner behind the wonderful sea creatures? Such an attractive moment, You should miss it.

Honeymoon in France – Paris

Honeymoon in France
young couple in love in paris on their wedding day

When we are talking about attraction, romance and beauty, we should mention France. It will be a nice chance to walk beside the Eiffel tower with your partner and take memorable pictures. France is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, where Paris is the city of beauty.

France has a great reputation because it is rich in touristic destinations, and I will provide you some recommendations to do there:

Côte d’Azur

Côte d’Azur is one of the most famous entertaining destinations in the world, and it is located on the border of Italy. You can go there on your honeymoon and enjoy your time in this calm, beautiful and charming place. If you like art, this city hosts the CAN festival.

Loire Valley

Loire Valley

If you are interested in history and historical landmarks, you should visit Loire valley, which has the great historical castles, you will love to see all this luxury.


Honeymoon in Provence
Couple in love on lavender fields. Boy and girl in the flower fields. Honeymoon trip. Honeymoon. Newly married couple. Couple travels. Lavender meadows. Lover. Happy couple. Wedding travel

If you love the green nature, you should visit Provence, where the wonderful natural scenes are around you, where you can stroll in these flowering routes, and see fields of lavender and olive.

Honeymoon in Dubai

Honeymoon in Dubai
Romantic couple watching from boat at Dubai marina, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is known as one of the best destinations for honeymoon in the world, it is a luxurious honeymoon place and rich in wonderful tourist destinations and landmarks. So many couples choose Dubai because it is a perfect city for honeymoon journeys, it has almost everything to provide happiness, joy, and entertainment for couples.

Bab Al Shams Resort

This desert resort is a perfect one for couples who are searching for a calm and romantic atmosphere in the desert nature. This great resort looks like a luxury Arabic castle, in addition to large areas, fountains and lanes to walk in happily.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Don’t miss watching the charming sand dunes from a high height, this wonderful scene is a real chance. You should write this activity in your to do list there.

Unique Seaplane Trip

What do you think about flying above the sea from a short distance in a magic seaplane? Wonderful experience, isn’t it? You will have a special and exceptional experience.

Submarine Trip

Enjoy the wonderful sea creatures from the glass of the submarine, it is such an amazing view, especially when you share this special moment with your partner.

Honeymoon in Mauritius

Mauritius island is located in the Indian ocean, and is considered as one of the best destinations for honeymoon in the world. These islands are characterized by their moderate climate and abundance of wonderful natural scenes. Wosol guides you to all the activities you should do there

Sea Cruises

Mauritius islands have a perfect honeymoon beach for unlimited fun. You will spend a nice time with your partner in the middle of the sea, especially when Wosol provides you the best luxury yachts to have an exceptional experience there. Don’t miss visiting Ile aux Cerfs island, it is an amazing place which you should visit.

Visit the land of the Seven Colors

Seven colored lands on the island of Mauritius, nature reserve, Chamarelle.

How beautiful is the nature when it gathers between seven colors in one place! This beautiful land is called Chamarel, and it is one of the top honeymoon destinations where too many couples prefer to visit.

Visit Le Morne Brabant

Do you want to see a panoramic natural scene? So you should to visit this huge mountain, which illustrates the greatness of the creator (Allah). This mountain is classified as a global heritage location, which has a unique view, and its height is 556 meters squared above sea level, so it is considered as a special and private place which is suitable for couples.

Honeymoon in Greece

Honeymoon in Greece
young couple in love traveling on romantic honeymoon in greece and croatia, man and woman walking on sightseeing inresort city, colorful style, happy having fun together

Greece is one the best honeymoon destinations in the globe, which too many couples consider as the best place for honeymoon and very suitable for having a romantic time together.

Flowering Routes of Plaka

Do you like old routes that return you to the past and have a great effect on yourself? So don’t miss walking in roads of Plaka, and see its flowering amazing view.

Visit The Beautiful Crete

This beautiful island has a special view on the sea, which you will definitely love to have a romantic time with your partner. It has so many amazing natural scenes and views which makes you feel love and happiness.

The Ancient Fortress of Monemvasia

See the world from a unique view from the huge Byzantine castle, and see the most magnificent and largest natural rock, which has been used as a protecting fort from intruders in the past.

Honeymoon tourism is very unique with Wosol services, we will provide everything you need to be happy and comfortable. Contact us now to arrange everything for the best honeymoon ever!

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